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About Us

Polka Art Studio

Meet the dynamic duo behind the crafting magic – two passionate ladies with a shared love for all things creative! We believe that crafting is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life, a journey of self-expression, and a celebration of imagination.

What started as a small spark of passion has blossomed into a full-time endeavour, thanks to the incredible backing of our cherished community.

About Us-Polka Art Studio

We owe it all to you, our wonderful community, for believing in us and being the wind beneath our wings. Your support has transformed our aspirations into reality, and we are forever grateful.

Driven by our shared passion, we pour our hearts into crafting beautiful kits that we can’t wait to share with our incredible crafting community. Each kit we create is a labour of love, meticulously designed and crafted with attention to every detail, so you can embark on your crafting adventures with joy and confidence.

But that’s not all! Our creative journey is an ongoing one, and we’re committed to keeping the inspiration flowing. That’s why we’ll keep adding new and exciting digitals to our collection, ensuring there’s always something fresh and delightful for everyone to enjoy.

So, whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting on your creative path, we’re here to inspire and support you every step of the way. Join us in celebrating the art of crafting, and let’s create beautiful memories together!